Friday, 10 August 2012

10/8/12 My First Ever 'Topwater' Bass.

Again,only small fish really but that's hardly the point.Today I caught my first ever bass on a surface lure which is something of a milestone in my angling career.
I've been inspired by my mate Pete's success with local bass on lures when afloat so , armed with plenty of his invaluable advice, I headed over to #16 at 0530 this morning on a flat calm sea and with the intention of just using spinning gear. I did take a bait rod along (just in case) but no bait!!!
Tiny 4.6m tide along with plenty of 'pot boat' disturbance in the area meant the fishing wasn't easy - three bass around the two pound mark and a pollack came to the boat along with a couple more lost  but, one of those bass tried to destroy my 'Patchinko' top water thingy....and that meant everything.
Pete was also out in the general area with a mate on board and their experience showed by putting fifteen spikeys in the boat.
There's a lot to learn about this type of lure fishing but i now feel that, at least i've made a start.It's also pleasant to do something different and the hits and fight are tremendous fun on the lightweight kit.


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